And the 2020 Houston Saengerbund German Language Scholarship Competition prizes go to…

Rapidly changing circumstances during the coronavirus crisis leading up to the German Language Scholarship Competition Finals on March 26 were quite a challenge to overcome. It required a nimble team to quickly adjust to all the hurdles, setbacks and detours. The competition organizers as well as the judges and competitors were flexible and patient to see this through. To keep all involved safe, the competition was conducted as a video conference.

Twelve competitors submitted essays to answer this question: "If you could visit any location and/or time period in the German-speaking world, what would you choose and why?"

The six semi-finalists all had very interesting answers to this question. They included essays about German speaking people in New Guinea, meeting Mozart in the 18th century in Austria, exploring life in Switzerland in 1980, time travel to Clausthal, Germany in 1846 to meet relatives from long ago, meeting Charlemagne in the Middle Ages, and exploring the Neuschwanstein Castle in 1890.

The competition focused on three components for evaluation: the written essay, presenting the essay orally and discussing the content with the judges. All three components were equally important in determining the three best competitors.

First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Alexandra Freytes Aaron Buitron Despina Georgiadis
Alexandra Freytes
Memorial High School
Aaron Buitron
Tomball High School
Despina Georgiadis
Memorial High School

Alexandra hopes to attend Texas A&M University in the fall; she plans to continue her study of German and to spend a year doing a study abroad in Germany. Aaron hopes to attend Lone Star College – Tomball in the fall; he too plans to add German into his curriculum and attend a semester of college in Germany. Despina hopes to attend Rice University in the fall; she plans to continue studying German and a year abroad in Germany is definitely in her collegial plans.

The Houston Saengerbund is very pleased to follow our mission to promote the German language in the greater Houston area and to bring this opportunity to high school seniors to compete for scholarship prizes, even more so during these uncertain times.

We are honored and most grateful to have been chosen by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany to receive sponsorship for the first two scholarship prizes. The third prize is sponsored by the Houston Saengerbund.