2020 Grant Program

The Houston Saengerbund, founded in 1883, is the oldest musical association in the city and features a Maennerchor (men’s choir), a Damenchor (women’s choir), and a Gemischter Chor (mixed choir).

The purpose of the Society is to cultivate the furtherance of song and music, to preserve the German language, to promote the Society's life, and to convey good German customs and morals.

To further these ends, the Houston Saengerbund’s Charitable Giving Initiative provides grant funding to eligible organizations that share our ideals so that together we may enhance the arts and culture that Houstonians have come to enjoy.

In order to help streamline the numerous requests we receive and to ensure adequate funding for the many worthy organizations that Houston Saengerbund has supported over the years, the Board has implemented this grant funding process.

Who is eligible?

Requests will be accepted and considered by the Society from organizations that are designated by the IRS as charitable or not-for-profit (typically a 501(c) organization). Individuals and for-profit entities are not eligible for grant funding through this program.

What criteria are used?

Funding of requests will be prioritized for those organizations and events that help further the Society’s goals by:

  • promoting the musical arts, with particular emphasis on German-language composers and lyricists or musicians with a German language background, training, or heritage;
  • promoting the German language, both written and spoken; and/or
  • promoting the history and culture of the German speaking world.